House Hunting Horrors: “Minor TLC” Is A Relative Appraisal

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to put forward a motion to all the real estate agents of the world. There is such a thing as “minor TLC,” sure. I can believe that. It includes things like interior paint or trim, maybe some new drywall in a couple of places. It might also include needing new carpets or hardwood floors that need refinishing. I might even accept some exterior work being needed. Paint chips and fades, decks need occasional refinishing, patios and driveways crack. Any of these things, assuming it’s something that one can do oneself in a weekend or two, I would accept as “minor TLC.” Even a combination of several of these might still count as “minor TLC,” if the sum total is still a manageable amount of labor.


A major roof leak is NOT “minor TLC.”

All the upstairs interior doors needing to be replaced, along with major upstairs electrical work, is NOT “minor TLC.”

The ENTIRE deck needing to be sandblasted and refinished, and possibly most of the structure replaced, is NOT “minor TLC.”

And that was just the first house I went to look at.

Now, in fairness, this was a house that I had found, and not one my realtor found for me. He’s been very good at finding places to look at, and always has some very insightful observations about whichever house we’re looking at. After that first house, it’s been mostly uphill.

I think I’ll have to leave the story of what’s happened since to another post. Just thinking about that first house has got me all tweaked out. Or maybe that’s the coffee. Who knows.


About Josh

I'm an engineer, brewer, vintner, gamer, hiker, biker, and many other "-ers" besides. I grew up in Connecticut, but now live and work in Delaware. This is where I put various ramblings and musings, as well as tasty recipes for beer. Yes, beer. I brew my own beer, wine, cider, mead, and other fun fermented beverages. It's fun, easy, inexpensive, and I love it. It's something I'd love to do professionally, but that's a plan for a future day. For now I work as a chemical engineer with a bunch of great people that I'm never going to talk about here. Have a great day, and good brewing to all!
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