So.  I like stuff.  I like a LOT of stuff.  Much of it is brewing-related, but some of it is not.  I’ll put a little description of what the links are for with each of them.  Hopefully some of it will be helpful to you:

  • Barrel of Makers, Inc. – A maker space/creative gym in Newark, DE. A very cool thing. [Full disclosure: I’m on the board of directors. But they don’t pay me, so it’s ok. ;)]
  • Homebrew Talk – One of the best homebrewing web sites out there.  It’s a forum.  People are helpful on it.  You should check it out.  Friend me! I’m shadowmage36.
  • How Do You Brew? – My local homebrew store in Newark, DE.  Joe Gallo is a great guy, and very knowledgeable about the crafts of brewing and winemaking.
  • Brewmaster’s Warehouse – An excellent place to purchase ingredients and equipment over the internet. They’ll even crush your grain for you!
  • Tastybrew – Forums, recipes, calculators, and tutorials. An excellent brewing resource.
  • Surviving the World – A photocomic done by a Ph.D. chemical engineer in the style of a college course. Worth reading. Updates every day. Why haven’t you gone and started reading it yet?
  • More Than Dice – A gaming blog. My friend runs it. Others that I’m friends with post on it. It’s rarely updated anymore, but well worth reading when it is.
  • Daily Kos – The Great Orange Satan. Liberal political blog. I post on here from time to time.
  • Popehat – An excellent legal blog. While I may not agree with Ken’s politics all the time, his defense of the First Amendment and free speech are commendable.