So perhaps you’re wondering, what are these two ravens this site has plastered all over them, and why are they so awesome that some guy named his blog after them? (Or maybe you aren’t, but you’re here now anyways so you’re going to find out!)

The two ravens are Hugin and Munin.  They’re Scandinavian.  Specifically, they’re Odin’s ravens.  They fly all around the world each day, and return to His high seat to bring Him the news of what’s happened that day in all the far corners of the nine worlds.

Why would I name a web site after two random animals from old Norse mythology?  Family.  My grandfather (may he rest in peace) was Norwegian.  I have always enjoyed the stories and mythology of northern Europe, and since I recently took to learning a little bit more about them, I learned that not only were the Vikings fierce warriors, but consummate brewers, too!  They even had a god of brewing and hospitality, two concepts which I believe should be far more intertwined in our culture than they currently are.  That god is Aegir, lord of the deep seas and brewer of the gods of the Norse.  So every batch I brew is dedicated to all the gods of my distant ancestors; to the ravens Hugin and Munin; and to my grandfather, Roy C. Brondum.  Rest in peace, Papa.