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The Real World Calls…

I will unfortunately not be able to put up the real post for today until later this evening.  I’m currently packing up my car and getting ready to head down to southern Virginia for work.  I will be there until … Continue reading

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Brewing Lessons – Concord Pyment

I have had several requests for a particular recipe to be posted here.  For some reason, a batch that I made last year which I had thought was hopeless has become incredibly popular.  It had started with the idea of … Continue reading

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No Post For Friday…Obviously…

There will not be a post for Friday, June 10th.  Clearly.  There WILL, however, be a post for Saturday, June 11th.  Circumstances have conspired to push back my planned first “Science Friday” post by one day…to Saturday. It will still … Continue reading


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Brewing Lessons – RDWHAHB

As I’m sure most of you saw already, I’ve been kind of in a panic for the last few days.  You see, this past weekend I started a new batch of strawberry wine using a very delicious recipe that I … Continue reading

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Brewing Lessons – Sanitation

One of, if not THE most important aspect of your brewing practices, is sanitation.  Sanitation is the overall cleanliness of your brewing process, including your equipment, ingredients, and yourself, as well as your brewing methods.  The first thing to know … Continue reading

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What’s brewing – 6/7/11

This past weekend was a very productive one here in Delaware.  I’ve gotten a new batch of beer started, racked a batch of wine, and started another one.  So ten gallons of wine and 5 gallons of beer.  Most excellent! … Continue reading

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…

…And welcome to yet another fine production of Two Ravens! This particular blog is devoted to my various and sundry adventures in the arts and sciences of brewing, wine-making, cellaring, and drinking! I plan on using this space to post … Continue reading

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