The Real World Calls…

I will unfortunately not be able to put up the real post for today until later this evening.  I’m currently packing up my car and getting ready to head down to southern Virginia for work.  I will be there until later this week, most likely Thursday evening.  Hopefully the rest of this week’s posts won’t be delayed any more than this one.  Tonight’s post is going to be a few tidbits of brewing news and commentary, so stick around!



About Josh

I'm an engineer, brewer, vintner, gamer, hiker, biker, and many other "-ers" besides. I grew up in Connecticut, but now live and work in Delaware. This is where I put various ramblings and musings, as well as tasty recipes for beer. Yes, beer. I brew my own beer, wine, cider, mead, and other fun fermented beverages. It's fun, easy, inexpensive, and I love it. It's something I'd love to do professionally, but that's a plan for a future day. For now I work as a chemical engineer with a bunch of great people that I'm never going to talk about here. Have a great day, and good brewing to all!
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