Oh, man…It’s like I’m a grown-up or something…

Today is a big day. Today is Serious Business. Today is my first big step into the world of being an adult in quite awhile. Y’know, since I got a college degree, got a grown-up job as an engineer, and moved out of my parents’ house.

Today…I’m going house-hunting.

What this actually means is that I’m going to be driving around New Castle County with my girlfriend and my realtor touring 3 different houses that both my realtor and I have picked out. Maybe I’ll put in an offer on one of them, maybe I won’t. The point is, at some point in the very near future, I’m going to own my own house.

Let’s stop and think about that.

That’s a big step. That’s huge. It’s actually kind of scary when you think about it. I won’t have a landlord to call when something goes wrong. It’ll be up to me to either fix it, replace it, or deal with whatever’s broken however I can. I’ll have to shell out my own money to do that, not let someone else take care of it.

On the other hand, I’m going to be able to paint it however I please. I can build bookshelves into the walls. I can put up wainscot, molding, and whatever other sort of outlandish decorations I please.

I can walk around naked at two in the afternoon and not worry about offending my roommates.

All of these things, and more, are what I have to look forward to. It’s a mix of good and bad, but mostly good, I hope. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for certain. I’ll be taking a lot of notes, and a lot of pictures, to help in the decision. I might even put some up here.

Well, time to get ready. Here we go.


About Josh

I'm an engineer, brewer, vintner, gamer, hiker, biker, and many other "-ers" besides. I grew up in Connecticut, but now live and work in Delaware. This is where I put various ramblings and musings, as well as tasty recipes for beer. Yes, beer. I brew my own beer, wine, cider, mead, and other fun fermented beverages. It's fun, easy, inexpensive, and I love it. It's something I'd love to do professionally, but that's a plan for a future day. For now I work as a chemical engineer with a bunch of great people that I'm never going to talk about here. Have a great day, and good brewing to all!
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1 Response to Oh, man…It’s like I’m a grown-up or something…

  1. ladymedieval says:

    Also, you can have your own workshop! And Kurt and I will have a place to crash when we visit Delaware! 🙂 So excited!

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